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Our Cocktails

Classic cocktails, ready to pour



The Cocktail Chemist Mojito is specially crafted using only the finest Caribbean Rum, mint picked at its peak, fresh squeezed lime juice, and 100% pure cane sugar. Our goal is to deliver a well-balanced craft cocktail to you, our guest, in an easy read-to-drink package. Let our award winning bartenders do all the hard work so all you have to do is ENJOY.


Created in London during the late 1980’s for a guest who had some very specific requests, the Espresso Martini was born. Our nitro-infused Espresso Martini is expertly blended with gluten-free American corn vodka and espresso roast cold brew coffee, accented with a hint of vanilla. Enjoy served in a classic martini glass or over ice. You can also add your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic cream for an extra layer of flavor.



“Something Good” was created as a joke at the bar one night. A bunch of pals kept asking me to make them “something good” with no reference as to what that “something good” should be. I decided to mess with them so we mixed up a very floral version of a vodka lemonade and to my surprise, it was a huge hit. They ordered so many that we decided to put the cocktail on draft and that’s where it has remained. Please enjoy this delicious blend of gluten-free American corn vodka and fresh lemonade with notes of violets and elderflowers. 

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